Thursday, May 16, 2013

True Confessions: Not a whole lot of sewing going on here...

Already Thursday night and not too much sewing to report on this week. On Monday night I did finish Dianne's pink place mats. I brought them in to work on Tuesday and she was quite delighted. Here they are in Dianne's pink dining room.
The place mat appears to float against Dianne's glass table.

See the matching pink walls in the background?
On Tuesday night, Carol and I went to a lecture on Clutter Control at the Quincy Public Library. Alas, the lecture was not as inspirational as I had hoped. I was dismayed when the lecturer spoke about buying 75 sets of Christmas lights at the Christmas Tree Shop. He seemed quite proud that he had later donated 20 unopened sets to the Salvation Army. My thought was, "Why buy 75 sets of Christmas lights in the first place?"

On Wednesday night, I sat on the couch with the pugs and we watched back to back episodes of Dancing with the Stars that I had saved on the DVR. I think that Romeo is in love with Kym Johnson. I haven't had the heart to tell him that she didn't make the finals.

Today was bright, sunny and warm. This morning before I went to work, I planted my new plants that I got at our office plant swap last week. I brought in a large bunch of day lilies. In exchange, I got some violas, sunflowers, false lavender, pink columbine, and a couple of things that will be a surprise when they bloom. After work I snatched a few short hours in my quilt studio and made my blocks to donate to Quilts for Boston. If you are interested in learning more, you can also read my blog post.
This is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern, Scrappy Trips Around the World. They are fast and easy to make. Mike wasn't in the mood to cook tonight, so he indulged me and took me to my favorite restaurant--The IHOP. Chocolate chip pancakes--yum!

Next week I'm headed to the Berkshires for my annual quilting week with my Brown Bagger friends, so there should be A LOT of sewing to report on when I return.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. What did he do with the other 55 sets of lights?

  2. He did say that at one point the bush fell over because it had so many lights on it! I'm surprised it didn't catch on fire!!!!