Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Night Sewing Report

I made it into my Sewing Studio bright and early this morning. I just wanted to put my foot on the gas and sew. I didn't want to work on anything with a deadline, I just wanted to sit in front of my machine, feed fabric through, and relax.

My original plan was to start a Yellow Brick Road quilt in kitty cat fabrics for my baby cousin Angie who will turn 2 this week. Plan A was thwarted when I couldn't find my quilt pattern (I organized the patterns last week) and discovered that I had seven kitty cat fabrics instead of the 12 that the missing pattern called for. Oh well, I will use a different pattern. I've already mailed Angie her birthday gift, so her quilt can wait for the holidays.

Plan B became work on some pillowcases. Fast and easy to make, very little thinking required. I finished four cupcake pillowcases that just needed that last seam sewn. I also made a graduation theme pillowcase for Joannie's daughter Jill, who just graduated from college and a fishing theme pillowcase for my neighbor Leo, an avid fisherman, who gave me a bunch of sewing treasures recently. Romeo, LarryPug, and I went and gave the pillowcase to Leo and he was very surprised. I also dropped off two of the cupcake print pillowcases for the little girls that live down the street from us. They surprised us with spider cupcakes for Halloween last year.

Marion and Joannie joined me for a while. Marion has been cranking away on various birthday blocks and whipping out quilt tops. Joannie was making a cover for her curtain rod to match her curtain panels.

I also put together two of the panels for my Scrap Wave Quilt. I have three finished. I'm going to make at least seven panels. I may go jumbo and make eight. If I do, the top will finish to 88"x96" without borders.
Loving the colors! This was a Bali Pop called "Tropical Punch." Actually, I used four identical jelly rolls, plus four additional strips of batik, so there are 44 fabrics in each panel. Three panels are shown here.
Later in the afternoon I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get some more sewing machine needles. Look what followed me home...
Whoooo is this fabric for?
I found the owl fleece in the remnant bin and was lucky enough to find some owl print cotton in the clearance aisle. My friend Jeff's little girl Lily loves owls. I will make her a  fleece throw and a pillowcase. (Note: I even came home with the sewing machine needles!)

We had beautiful weather this weekend. Mike and I went to a small local jazz festival with some friends on Saturday.

I bought myself a cool ring with our names on it.
LarryPug and Romeo both went to the vet. LarryPug had his annual physical and was pronounced "a fine young man" by our vet. Romeo's ear infection appears to have cleared up.
LarryPug actually enjoys his annual visit. He is even willing to pose on the exam table. Not so, Romeo, who I have to hold in a death grip the entire time so he won't jump off the table.
How can it be Sunday night so quickly?

Hope you had a good weekend.

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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Oh you got some sewing in, love the pillow cases. I planned to on Saturday, but the Finn invaded, I did sew in the evening. Then I worked this morning, came home, did laundry finished quilting my blocks and started quilting the border, took a nap and went back to work. But I have 3 days off in a row with no distractions I think I can finish up my quilt and get the binding on which would be fabulous.

  2. Way to go! Just reading this makes me want to go sew something! :)

  3. the owls!!! what a cool gift! Lucky you that at least one dog doesn't mind the vet. Cole starts to shake as we pull into the parking place. He's gone cuckoo, have you read my latest post? OY Vey! The ring is too cool, now I want one too. Where did you get it? Must have one.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Your wave quilt is going to be one great quilt!