Monday, June 16, 2014

Much Ado About Iris!

I love my flower gardens almost as much as I love quilting. Growing up, my Mom was an avid gardener and she had the most beautiful yard in the entire neighborhood. And I was a bad child and never helped her in the garden, preferring to stay indoors and read a book. So I lost out on all her valuable gardening knowledge. Luckily, she is still available for gardening consultations by phone and I have some nice neighbors who are wonderful gardeners and have shared their experiences (and plants) with me.

I have beautiful Iris in my garden. My neighbor Johanna, who has a garden that would rival my Mom's gave me my first Iris. It took them two years to bloom after they were transplanted. Now they bloom profusely. I got my next Iris at our annual office plant swap a few years ago. This year I bought a tiny Iris at a plant sale sponsored by the local garden club and also bought an Iris with variegated leaves which resemble a spider plant.
This is my largest Iris. It is magnificent.
It is inside my front gate.
This is the Iris from my neighbor Johanna. The blooms are small but lovely.
I have two clumps of them. One in my side yard, and one in my back yard.

These are medium sized Iris that grow next to our porch in the back yard.
This is another photo of the big Iris after it rained. I love the raindrops.
The other Iris have finished blooming but this is my new variegated leaf Iris and it has just started. The flowers are a gorgeous reddish purple and I haven't been able to get a great photo yet.
My Mom's birthday is tomorrow! She is a painter and she loves flowers too, so she may want to paint one of these photographs. Happy Birthday, Mom!

I made another set of zipper bags. These are for my Mom for her birthday.
Gorgeous batiks in jewel tones. My Mom loves purple and blue.
The lining is a beautiful Monet water lilies print that I found at Joann Fabrics.
I hope that you enjoyed seeing my Iris garden. Thanks for visiting.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. your challenge today is to make a quilted iris! That one has such saturated color, and with yellow and purple opposite on the color wheel they compliment each other. lovely. I only wish they lasted all summer, it's the least they could do...
    leeanna Paylor

  2. Beautiful flowers and bags. I have several different iris too. Mine are purple and white, white, cream and chocolate colored (My personal favorite). Love the lining of the bags. They go perfectly with the outside.

  3. Gorgeous flowers. My grandmother always had an extensive iris garden. My mother transplanted them all to her yard when she passed away, but she does not have a whole lot of luck with them. Cute zippered pouches, great gift.

  4. Oh, your irises are gorgeous! My mom always has irises in her flower garden. I live in the desert. They do not like it here :(