Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Brief Message from LarryPug

Sorry you haven't heard from Mom lately. She's been really busy. She owes you a lot of blog posts and she promises to make it up to you. She went to the Houston Quilt Festival last week and had a lot of fun. She came home very late on Sunday night and went to work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then she went to Cape Cod to quilt with her Brown Bagger friends and left us at home with our Dad.

This is me, LarryPug. My brother Elvis is behind me, but
he's all black so he can be hard to see in pictures.
Anyway, she came back tonight, and I thought it was more important that she stay downstairs and watch some tv with us, so I could sit in her lap and get some cuddles. I've missed my Mommy!

I promise to let her to write a blog post tomorrow. She has lots of photos and stories to share with you.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Larry Pug! It's great that your Mommy let you be a guest blogger. She definitely needs to spend more time with you and your brothers and your Daddy! I'm so happy that your Mommy feels better and look forward to hearing about your trip! Now, snuggle up with Mommy and stay warm!

  2. Oh Larry Pug, what a great son you are to update your mamma's readers! Get some cuddle time in and give her lots of love.

  3. ooooh that widdle face and ear stuck up!! Who wouldn't want to hug you? I saw a person walking two tall pugs in DC yesterday and thought about how good you three would look at the end of a rhinestone covered leash with your stylish parents behind you. Cole pulled us most of the time and says, the critters are skittering around getting ready for Fall. Good chasing around here.
    LeeAnna and Cole (Porter) Poodle

  4. Oh, who could resist cuddles with that cute face!!