Monday, November 17, 2014

November at the Cape, The Finale

Still a few more photos from our fabulous weekend on Cape Cod. If you missed it, you can read Part 1  and Part 2 to get caught up.

The final two awards go to Marion and Cordula.

Marion scared the crap out of me last month by being hospitalized twice. I was afraid that she wasn't going to make it to the Cape, but quilting beckoned and she rallied from her hospital bed to accompany me.

Marion takes the award for the Quilt That Most Closely Resembles Its Name. This pattern is called Salt Water Taffy, yum! It is all batik.
This quilt is even prettier in person.
Cordula takes the award for It Wouldn't Be a Quilt Weekend If Someone Didn't Make a Yellow Brick Road Quilt. And if Cordula hadn't finished this one, I spied Nancy D. working on one, and I had one in the car.
Love the black and white fabrics with the red accents.
And without further silliness, here are some more photos from our weekend.
Best buddies, Kim G. and Cordula
Daughter Cheryl with Mom Jean.
The Oh So Talented Pratt sisters, Karen and Kim.
Joan S.
Joannie C.
Joanne S.
Jo Ann E. working on her umbrella quilt.
Nancy D., the happiest retiree I know, shows off one of
Kate's new patterns, Gingerbread Table.
Pat was hard at work on her Party Dress quilt, which was so popular, three of the Brown Baggers were making it. You saw Kim G.'s version in Part 1. Joann E. was also working on one. One inebriated lady who was peeking in our room from the Bridgewater Reunion Class of '74, said to her companion, "I thought they were doll dresses but I now I realize they are lampshades." If it's any consolation, read my post, Hatboxes or Drums? I must confess that I've always wanted to make this quilt.

I want this! It is Karen's new pattern, Flourish.
Kim P. made this darling giraffe baby quilt.
Joann E. assembled this top. We chose it for our 2015
Birthday Blocks, although applique will be optional.
A close-up of the applique.
Pat made this t-shirt quilt to honor a lost father.
Cordula put together these lovely Kaffe Fassett fabrics for a tablecloth.
There are more Kaffe Fassett fabrics in Cordula's 4-Patch and Friends quilt.
Yes, we are a prolific bunch!

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  1. Great quilts love the red, black and white yellow brick road.

  2. Oh what perfect fun it looks like you all had! LOVE retreats like this...thanks for sharing!!

  3. so envious of your group adventures. Makes me want to be there. The award for yellow brick road is hilarious. Leave it to you! LeeAnna

  4. Beautiful quilts and smiles!! Everyone is really having a good time!