Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sew On and Sew Forth

Today I made five obligation blocks. Three are for my friend Karen (they will go in the mail on Monday!) and two others are for a surprise (sorry, can't say more than that). I think that I have finally caught up on all my quilting obligations and can breathe easy for a little while.

I do have some other quilted gifts that I'd like to make for the holidays, but I'm not going to push myself (there's enough of that going on in other areas of my life), so if they get done, it will be a bonus. Marion came over and spent the day sewing with me, and Joannie was able to join us for a few hours.

I finished two fleece blankets. I also finished one earlier in the week. Not the most exciting projects in the world, but I had purchased the fabric in May, and I found them all pinned and ready to go in my Studio the other day, so I'm glad they're off my plate!

These blankets are for my nephews, Sam and Josh.
Classic rock is perfect for them. Josh is almost 16 and
Sam is 18.

The third blanket, shown here, is staying at our house. Here are LarryPug and Elvis.
LarryPug, as always, is ready for his close-up. He is a natural born ham!
I didn't need another blanket, but how could I resist a fleece that included pugs?
It was cold outside, so after LarryPug jumped off
the bench, I wrapped up Elvis like a pug burrito.
Marion was making doll clothes for her 6-year old granddaughter's American Girl Doll. I was impressed that she actually made 1 inch bias binding to trim the dress armholes. Here she is hand basting it on. Only a devoted grandmother would do this for a doll's dress.
My husband enjoys being outside, so he actually volunteered to rake the leaves, while we sewed. He was able to finish the back yard. There were nine bags of leaves. We still have to do the front yard and the side yard! Luckily, tomorrow will be a little warmer!
While I spent most of last weekend sleeping, this week, I have been eating my way around the world. Wednesday night, Mike and I went out for Indian food for date night; Thursday night I went out with the Thursday Girls to the Cheesecake Factory; Friday night I had pizza with Linda at Pizzeria Uno; Saturday, Marion and I had Chinese food for lunch; and Mike and I went out for Greek food tonight. I usually don't go out to eat so much, so I will have to pace myself since next week is Thanksgiving. Mike is cooking tomorrow. Yeah! He is making a shrimp dish and a beef barley soup. Perhaps I will make brownies...
The Divine Miss Linda B... my friend since first grade!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Sending you Pugs and Kisses,


  1. Getting lots done. I take it work is hectic too. Love your fleece blankets.

  2. Love the fleece blankets! Sewing projects seem to double, triple around the holidays. Santa's elves need to fly around at night and do some sewing, is my thought around this time of year. ;)

  3. Sounds like you are having busy and productive days Nancy. Your nephews will love those blankets! The pugs already love theirs, I see.

  4. Fleece with pugs had your name on it!!!! Love Elvis all wrapped up on the cute purple chair! My husband is the cook of the house too....thanksgiving...I'm the cleaner upper...helps me work off the pumplin pie! LOL!! I got most our leaves up before the big snow we had...but I feel for your husband as THAT is alot of leaves.