Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brown Bag November Sunday, the Time Warp Edition

I bet you didn't know I could be two places at the same time. Yet, here is a post from our Brown Bagger's Sunday in November which took place at the exact same time that I was at the Houston International Quilt Festival (yes, I know that I still haven't blogged about it, be patient, I'm blogging backwards this month).

Thanks to my roving blog photographers: Joannie, Kim P., and Sally, who bombarded me with photos so that I could see that they weren't staying home and crying while I was in Houston with Carol and Sue.

Marion has been a whirling dervish, finishing projects faster than we can photograph them.
Little Twister Christmas Table Runner. All quilted, just needs binding.
Marion can cross her second oldest UFO off her list. No longer a UFO,
the binding has been sewn to the back. Read more about it here.
Asian Birthday Blocks from 2003
Pinwheel Birthday Blocks from 2012. Marion's are done in batik, mine are in
animal prints as shown here. The quilts look completely different.
And check out Kim G.'s below!
This is Kim G.'s 2012 Birthday Block quilt, done in Kaffe Fassett prints,
with non-matching background prints, which looks completely
different than Marion's above or mine. Love the border fabric!
Kim G. also made this fabulous quilt top, which I covet, from pink Kaffe Fassett prints against a black and white polka dot print background. The pattern is Pie Crust Pile-Up by Atkinson Designs. Apologies to Terry Atkinson, but I think she should re-shoot the cover photo with Kim's quilt.
 If you pay close attention, you may have seen this quilt before, but it gets a second showing.
Kim P. actually finished the quilt at the November Sunday,
but was kind enough to schlep it to the Cape Weekend
to show it to me. Thanks Kim!
Hope you enjoyed our little quilt show! Thanks for visiting.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. I love how all your birthday blocks are the same pattern, but done in so many different color combos they look like very different quilts!

  2. Oh so much quilty yumminess and wow Marion how cool to get so much done.

  3. Loved your Brown Bagger quilt show Nancy! Love how they kept the ball rolling even while you were off gallivanting! LOL