Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lorraine's Quilt

This quilt dates back to my pre-blogging days. I gave this quilt to my co-worker Lorraine after she had a house fire in 2007. I never took a photo of it. We still work together so when I ran into her the other day, I asked her to send me a photo.
Lorraine's quilt still looks nice after 11 years! Lorraine says that she treasures it and it is always on her couch or on her bed. Now that's a good compliment!
This quilt has a funny back story. My friend Carol and I signed up to go to the Chicago Quilt Festival and take a mystery quilt class from Debby Caffrey. Carol was very busy at work the day I went to the quilt store, so she told me to just buy double of whatever I picked out for the class. So I bought Carol her fabric. Carol was still busy at work, so I ended up cutting out her pre-class fabric homework for her. Sadly, when we got to the Quilt Festival, Carol caught a horrible stomach virus, and never got to go to any of her classes or even see the show. She was sick in the hotel for the whole trip. We joke that I should have just gone ahead and made Carol's quilt too. I'll have to ask her if she ever made it.

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  1. It's a beautiful quilt! Ugh....nothing worse than being that sick away from home!!!

  2. Dangerous plan - it is probably her oldest UFO and she'll give it to you to finish!! heh..heh

  3. Pretty quilt. But yuck being sick in a hotel room.