Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug T-Shirts, Part 1

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

The sun is shining and the day is supposed to be beautiful. The flowers are starting to come out. Hooray!

As a pug owner, it is essential to own pug t-shirts. This declares your allegiance to Pug Nation and all its denizens. Although I am truly not a fan of all pug ephemera, I can never resist a pug t-shirt. So if you see one, feel free to buy me one. I like a size 2X so that it is nice and roomy. I have a zillion pug t-shirts, so you will see more in future Pugtastic Tuesday posts. Joannie wants to take my shirts and make me a pug t-shirt quilt, but I  wear my pug t-shirts to the gym all the time, so they get used regularly.
This is probably my first pug t-shirt. I had this t-shirt made at the indoor flea market when I visited my parents in Florida. This is a photo of Elvis and Romeo when they were babies. I had their photo taken at a Petco. I love how Elvis is holding Romeo's paw. For some reason, I have two of these. The shirts are now soft and faded, but I won't give them away.
I also bought this pug t-shirt at the flea market. It is double-sided, with the black pug image below on the back. This is an old-school iron-on t-shirt. The images are old and cracked, but again, I love it.
This is the back of the t-shirt above.
I have a second t-shirt with just the fawn pug on the front. I believe it was a gift from my sister-in-law Diane. It has been personalized with Romeo's name (our first pug).
Every year, we do a personalized holiday card starring the Pug Pack. Since Mike and I got together back in 2008, the card grows ever more spectacular since he is a Photoshop Wizard! The two t-shirts below were some of Mike's holiday card illustrations.
This is one of my favorite shirts/cards. Mike used one of the famous Dogs Playing Poker paintings (not sure if you knew this was a series!). This painting is titled, A Waterloo. Elvis and Romeo have joined their friends at the poker table. I also have this image on my mouse pad at work.
Mike made this shirt/card the year we adopted LarryPug. The headline reads, "And Larry makes three... Is it hoarding or is it rescue?"
The azaleas have burst into bloom in front of our house.
Here are LarryPug and Caesar cuddling in the smaller dog bed. They are like real brothers. Sometimes they love each other, sometimes they like to beat each other up. Caesar is bigger so he is usually the winner.
Come back soon. I've got lots more to share, even some actual quilts!

Thanks for visiting!
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  1. You don't like all pug ephemera? I don't believe it.

  2. Beautiful azaleas! And the pugboys, too, of course!

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