Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug Magnets

Today, I bring you pug magnets!

Lest you think that only pug people are crazy, on Sunday I met my Scottie dog doppelganger. My friend Cindy introduced us to Lisa. I brought LarryPug and Caesar with me to play with her dog Kiltie, an adorable three year old Scottish Terrier. Lisa was wearing a Scottie sweatshirt and Scottie dog earrings. Naturally, I was wearing a pug sweatshirt and pug earrings. She invited us inside and we toured her Scottie dog themed family room. I forgot to check her refrigerator, but I bet that there were Scottie dog magnets...

Without further ado, I present my collection.
There is quite a collection of pug magnets on our refrigerator.
This gigantic pug magnet is Lily's favorite and mine too! I should get a second one and add it to my PugMobile!
This is also one of my favorite pug magnets. Let me know if you see this graphic anywhere else. I'd love a giant framed print or a t-shirt. Maybe we should name our next pug Mr. Puddingstone. What a great name!
More puggy cuteness! It's always a bonus when I find a black pug version!
Puggy cuteness multiplied when pug magnets hold up cute photos of Romeo and Elvis in their glorious youth. Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of Romeo's death. I can't believe that it's been a year since we lost our precious pug angel.

Mike's sister bought me this funny magnet for my birthday a couple of years ago. Ever wonder how the puggies got their squishy faces? Now you know.
My adorable pug boys dressed and ready to go outside.
Our adorable baby Caesar. He turned five last month!
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Pugs and kisses,


  1. Always a happy morning to see the pug boys. Love your fridge magnets.

  2. Oh Nancy you DO crack me up as that HUGE pug magnet is an original....I love it! This is such a fun series! Hope your week is great!