Sunday, July 22, 2018

Roundup for the Week ending July 22nd

Nothing super exciting happened this week, but I have little updates to share with you.

I ran into my friend Maria and she gave me this cute photo of Baby Ava sitting on the quilt that I made for her.
Ava is already seven months old! Isn't she adorable?

I did actually finish something. It wasn't this week, but a few weeks ago, and it is actually quilted.
This was a kit (one of two) that I purchased from Nancy's Notions. The tree is pre-fused and all cut out. You only have to iron it down to the background and add binding. I did actually quilt some of the branches. The photo above is from Nancy's website, but mine is fairly identical. It was a nice, mindless project and I will probably give it as a gift. It will be a pretty table-topper.

My friend Logan turned five! And so did Prince George. Do you remember when they were born?
Here is Logan, far left, at his birthday party. He loves art and rainbows, so his Mom, my friend Anna, made him a rainbow art cake!
Here are Logan and Cameron with their baby sister Adalynn.
In honor of Logan's fifth birthday, I made him five pillowcases. This may become arduous when Logan turns 27...
There are monster trucks, dinosaurs, sports, Thomas the Train and rainbows. Of course, there is also a pillowcase for Cameron too.
I started a quilt for my co-worker Lauren who is getting married next month. Lauren wanted a grey quilt with a modern feeling. I offered to make Lauren a lap quilt as a wedding gift and she was very excited. The next day she came into the office and told me that she had spent the whole night looking at quilt photos on the Internet. Fortunately the quilt she chose is very simple, made of large squares in two shades of grey, plus white.
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