Thursday, October 2, 2014

Elvis Turns 12

Happy Birthday Darling Elvis! Today you are 12 years old, which is the human equivalent of 84 (same as your Grandpa Alan and Grandpa Norman). You have slowed down a little from arthritis, but you can still run to me if I show you a bag of dog cookies.
Your Daddy took this photo of us this morning after we sang "Happy Birthday" to you. You sang along as always. I am holding you tight because I never want to let you go. You are my darling angel boy. The pug who always wants to be picked up and carried. Who always wants to snuggle and cuddle.

All the pugs were treated to a special birthday breakfast today, but I made sure that Elvis got a slightly bigger portion.
Dog kibble, peanut butter and carrots! A gourmet treat!
I brought home Romeo, my first pug, in March of 2002. Story here. Romeo was such a perfect angel, that within a few months, I called the breeder back to get a second pug. I was hoping that she would have a black one. We picked Elvis up on a bitterly cold December day. The breeder was holding him inside a duffel bag and he was crying. When the breeder handed him to me, she said, "This one is completely different from the other one (Romeo)." When I asked her how, she said cryptically, "You'll see," and as an afterthought, she muttered, "He talks." Elvis cried on the way home for about an hour, then he decided that things were going to be OK and he calmed down.

When he came in our kitchen door, Elvis immediately took Romeo's favorite toy, then he peed in Romeo's bed, and declared that it was his house now. And Elvis ruled as our benevolent king for the next 10 years, until LarryPug arrived. Elvis was a very naughty puppy who grew up and became a great dog. He used to poop in his dog crate, roll in it, and then run out to greet you. He taught Romeo how to slide under the garden fence and chew up my flowers. But he is the most loving, affectionate pug ever. The first winter that Elvis lived with us, his feet never touched the ground. It was bitterly cold, and I carried him inside my jacket, next to my heart. And next to my heart is where he has stayed.
Romeo and Elvis. The original dynamic duo!
And as for the talking, it's true. Elvis makes a wide variety of sounds, and it definitely sounds like he is trying to talk to you. When I come home for work, it sounds like he is trying to say, "Mama." He loves it when you sing, and he always joins in.
LarryPug and Elvis. LarryPug let Elvis play with Beaver this
morning in honor of his birthday. Beaver is LarryPug's favorite toy.
Last week when he was at doggie playgroup, there were seven little girls fighting over who got to hold Elvis. I'm sure he must have loved it.
The King in his carriage. It's hard to see, but the black thing
in the carriage is Elvis. Unfortunately the interior of the
carriage is navy blue. Perhaps I should reupholster
it in gold lame, as befitting The King.
Like his human namesake, Elvis the pug is a mamma's boy.

Happy Birthday Elvis! Long live The King!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Happy Birthday Elvis you hunk o burning pug love!

  2. Happy Birthday to Elvis and many more!!

  3. Elvis, you have a story! What a story! Love and hugs to a great pug. Cole says, 12 is no joke! Take it easy and make your people wait on you. LeeAnna