Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hanging out with my talented friends

Here are some things that my friends have been working on.
Kim P. finished her circular play mat. Isn't this cute?

Joannie, aka the Place Mat Queen, finished up a set of a dozen place mats for the 4th of July. Just in the nick of time!

Joannie gave me two for my own table! Love the fireworks fabric! Thanks Joannie!
I met my friend Janet for lunch yesterday at Panera. Janet used to belong to our Thursday quilting group, but is overbooked right now. Janet and her husband are retired and spend each winter in Florida. She is home for the summer.

Janet brought a quilt in progress (see below) to show me. It is a commission for a friend and it is Janet's original design. She mitered her corners (I'm green with envy). I wish that I had taken a close-up of her quilting, it is really nice. I was finally able to give Janet her giant bag of scraps. I'm sure she will make something wonderful.
Janet, on left, and me.

Janet's quilt. We had to corral one of my co-workers to help hold it.
Desmond's blanket
Lastly, here is one of my projects that didn't make it to the blog last month. It is a flannel panel (center), that I added borders (green flannel) to make it bigger. I backed it with fleece and embroidered it with the baby's name. It is for my neighbors down the street. They have the cutest little red-haired baby boy and he was born on my birthday, this past March. Naturally, I gave it to them on the hottest day of the year, but I'm sure that they will use it this winter.

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. Good Morning Nancy, How are Romeo, Elvis and Larry today? Miss Snuggles is doing well, she is very elderly and she is practically deaf and blind, but she is an amazing little lady and such lovely company.
    My word, your quilters group is a talented group of ladies. I love Desmond's blanket, I like the idea of using fleece as a backing. I am currently working away at Polly's quilt, but I am appliqueing and embroidering mine.
    Kim's circular mat is so beautiful and how kind of Joannie to give you two of her placemats....
    and what can I say about Janet's quilt, apart from beautiful, fabulous and gorgeous.
    You must all be so inspired by each other's work, as everything you have shown us is so beautiful.
    Thank your friends as it was such a treat to see all their work.
    Happy 4th July Holiday to you.
    Best Wishes