Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you are not busy quilting, and you are looking for something else to do, I recommend the following:

If you like foreign films, Mike and I just watched Vitus on Netflix, and we both enjoyed it. It is the story of a child prodigy. It was funny and poignant and the acting was great.

If you like to read, Marion recently loaned me A Thread of Grace, and I thought it was excellent. This book is about the Holocaust, and it takes place in Italy. It is fiction, but has roots in a true story.

If you like fashion and documentaries, I just watched, The Eye Has to Travel on Netflix, which is about Diana Vreeland, I fell asleep towards the end, but I had a long day yesterday (business trip to Virginia and back in one day--about 15 hours). The pugs and I thought it was very good.

If you like to bake, make the Rootbeer Float cookies, and substitute Maple extract for the Rootbeer extract. You will then have Maple Madness cookies. My husband Michael gave me the ultimate compliment when he said, "Honey, these cookies are dangerous. I can't stop eating them." We had to put them in the freezer.

It's not a blog without a photo, so here are the cutest pugs in Hyde Park. Romeo is wearing a cone because he had a little eye surgery two weeks ago, but he is getting his stitches out tomorrow. Elvis likes this photo because he is in the front.

If you like any of my recommendations, let me know. And I'd love to hear from you if you've read any good books, seen any good movies (don't recommend The Heat to me, I didn't think it was funny), or baked anything yummy.

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Pugs and kisses,

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  1. Oh those are some handsome boys!!! :) Hope Romeo is doing better!